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It's not a matter of not using the charging port. I fully agree on using a separate charger.

The issue is the balance board inside. It's not protected well enough and has shorted inside the mod itself for some. It also doesn't always work correctly and has caused some batteries in use to drain at largely different rates. Where one battery may drain to 2 volts and the other to 3.1 volts.

There is a new revision of the IPV4 coming out in the IPV4s with the useless charge board removed on the way.
I had ordered an IPV4(100 watt) from Canvape in May for $85 (can.). Fairly soon after I polished out a portion of the mirror screen so I could see the oled.
After fixing the screen I was very happy with the mod but I couldn't stop tinkering, I removed the charging board and sealed the ports after watching a u-tube video, although I cut the wires tight to the solder bump on the main board rather than taping off the cut wires, as the video author did.
Just recently I downloaded and installed the new update which essentially has given me a new Mod to play with.
My IPV4 now goes up to 120 watts and has a Ti function with up to 100 joules.
I have been using it hard for two weeks and couldn't be happier with the performance so far.