Ok so yeah, this is a Canadian forum, and yes, I am Canadian. However, as I noted in an earlier post... I tend to be a bit outspoken at times. This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Gov of PA via the feedback section. I think it is pretty much universal and applies to all of us. If our leaders are not acting in our best interest, remind them of where they come from and how they look to others, and what can happen if they don't.

Do you know how stupid it makes your government officials look to propose and implement such a tax? I'm a Canadian, and I am laughing at you. How can a Gov be that short sighted and well STUPID! Do you actually think you are going to receive additional revenue from this tax? Do you think it will stop PA residents from using those products. ROTFLMAO.. Seriously? Do you? LOL LOL LOL!!!!

Here is what is going to happen.. You put on the 40% tax. E-cig users are going to go out of state to purchase them. At about $100 per month per person in the household that vapes, that is $40 that can go in the gas tank. So as long as they are out buying vaping supplies out of state, may as well pick up the groceries while they are at it. Oh and Look... the other shopping malls are right beside the grocery store. may as well pick up Christmas gifts while they are out.. save a trip later...
Oh, got to stop at the gas station, may as well fill up the tank for the week while they are at it.

Do you have any doubts by now about this? Need proof? Look at Canada to US cross border shopping.. Canadians are going into the US to buy things like Cigarettes and cheaper gasoline. And buying their beer and groceries while they are there. Now the Canada US border is HUGE so this isn't a major impact on the Can economy. How big is YOUR border? You better hire more telephone staff, especially to answer calls to the Governors office, PA businesses are not going to like losing business to out of state retailers, and guess who they are going to call to complain!

Case in point.. New Brunswick had Sunday shopping long before Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia held firm.. We will never implement Sunday shopping. Thousands of angry phone calls, letters, emails, and cuts to political contributions soon changed their tune. We now have Sunday shopping in Nova Scotia.

So now, do you still think a 40% tax on harm reduction products is a good idea in PA?
Hell, if we had clowns here in Nova Scotia in office like you to in PA, we wouldn't even wait for an election.. your asses would be out in the street on a non confidence vote faster than you can pull your pants out of the crack of your backside to stand up.

Why am i writing? I couldn't resist letting you know how ridiculous you look in the public eye.. even here in Canada.