View Full Version : Veritas from Fasttech SKU 1767203

10-01-2014, 01:55 PM
Just received mine yesterday from fasttech, appears to be one of the Tobeco variants.


My opinion and findings...

Some minor issues...(All fixable)

Nuts and screws are still not SS and are pretty crap for 24g or lower wires. m2x3 or 4 and m2.5 nuts (unconfirmed).
Air hole was off centre, aside from aesthetics, non issue. Can be bored out.
Top cap air hole is smaller than the one on the deck. Can be bored out.
Machine oil was lodged inside the centre hole and where the chamber for the centre pin, non issue, simple green degreaser and torching it will burn it off.

Building on it

PITA at first! It did get easier, but if you're a perfectionist, you're going to have a hell of a time. I've tried several different builds on it yesterday; dual verticals, dual horizontals (one on top of each other), single vertical and horizontal. (Best tasting build was a .6 ohm single coil)

I find that it is definitely easier to start your coil builds starting from either of the negative posts, moving towards the centre and following to the next negative if creating dual coil setups.

It is a pretty little piece, and is pretty much 'leak proof', but for me, the flavour was just not there. It takes a back seat to the plume veil. Being a clone, I know I can't really compare it to all of the hype the Veritas received upon release. But this particular clone (even in design) just did not live up to my expectation.

Didn't take any pics of it, (Sorry), and none to come from me, as I gave it away as a gift.