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08-02-2014, 07:21 PM
Currently have two units:
Itaste vv, and Kanger IPOW. Both units I like very much, but looking to get a new unit.

I'm still very new to vaping, and here is what I'm looking for, and hoping for some suggestions:

I enjoy using my protank 2 mini tanks. I tried going to better bigger tanks, but I like the MPT2 and have 3 of them and can rebuild the coils.
So I'd like to keep using these with an APV unit

I don't want a heavy unit, some thing smaller than a rocket.
Even a simple unit with a single battery would suffice

What are your suggestions? I wanted to have a few in mind and then I can investigate further and at least have some in mind going into Vapecan...

08-03-2014, 09:37 AM
I think most apv's that take replaceable batteries can use 18350 size which makes it fairly small. The mvp is a soild reliable device but you can't change the battery and it's a box, not huge but not tiny. It has a long lasting charge and I never had issues with the one I had. It's not that heavy but is pretty solid feeling and heavier than other box pvs I've had.

An svd isn't bad but ( to me ) it feels heavy even in 18350 mode. Ive had two now and the button eventually went on both but the button on the newer ones has been made better apparently. Never had a problem with it other than the button going after about 3-4 months use.

There's the SID that's aluminum - I think it's aluminum. So it would be very light but only has 18650 mode so would be larger. I have a aluminum vamo v2 which is the lightest pv I've ever had expecially in 18350 mode. I really love it for that fact but the buttons feel cheap and it randomly decides the battery is low when it's not. It's a very inexpensive pv. I'm not sure if any canadian vendors carry it. I got it from fasttech. I don't usually get pvs from them but thought I would try it.

The tesla would be lighter I think because the body is cut out but only has 18650 mode so would be longer. I've never had one so don't know what it's like for quality. I've never heard anything bad about them though.

If you aren't adverse to box mods you could look at something like a ipv2 which would be more flexible in the long run on your vaping journey. I don't have one so don't know what they're like but do have two dna30 boxes that I love because they're small and light. The box type only take 18650s but they aren't much taller than the battery. If I have a choice between a small box or a small tube, I'll choose the box. Much more comfortable for me to hold. If you get a chance to hold one at vapecan, give it a try you may find you like the way it feels in your hand. I would avoid hana type clones ( arent the same chipset as the ipv ) until you research the various ones. There's been some serious problems with some. I don't have one but have come across some posts/etc about it. So just good to check out a bit before hand.

Good luck on your new apv hunt! :)

08-03-2014, 09:46 AM
Oh dur...just realized I don't know if the ipv2 has an ego type connector for the pro tanks you use. *checking*

Update - So it looks like it doesn't, the mvp does. Sorry about that. You could use an adapter but that would definitely not be ideal.

BX fan
08-03-2014, 10:01 AM
I have 2 Sigelei Zmax's - a V3 & a V5 - both are telescopic so you can use several battery sizes. I use an 18350 battery for outside which keeps the unit to about 4 inches. The bottom half unscrews to accomodate 18500 or 18650. The V3 came with 2 different end caps so it's super short in 18350 mode. They both perform really well and i'd purchase again. Several Canadian vendors carry them - i know Canvape carries both.

08-03-2014, 11:05 AM
There's a whole ton of new devices just coming out. Provari's new device is rumored to be within the next two months and supposedly up to 24watts. Cloupor has the T5 in production, there's the new SVDna on the way. Infinite is teasing a dna based device as well. There's the IPv lineup and tons of individual mods using all the various chips.

08-04-2014, 10:31 PM
After Scouring the Internet for my next purchase, I have narrowed it down to an E-Pipe Mod instead of an APV...
Small unit, Simple 18350 battery.

Going to be purchasing the HAMMER MOD, or the Greensmoke UAKE unit.

I am hoping to see one in someones hand at VapeCan this weekend, before I make my final decision.

Thanks to all the posts and information, I definitely bookmarked each model that was suggested and have had lots of readings over the past few days..
my APV purchase will have to wait until christmas...