View Full Version : iTaste VV v3.0 iClear 10S Rep Coil Clearomizer Starter Kit

03-10-2014, 01:02 PM
Alright heres what i don't understand.

Why did Innokin go back to the old style adapter for there own style clearomizers.

They did not work the first time, I know that they would have made some adjustments and they believe that this is going to be revolutionary.

Im sorry buts its not. I have the Innokin iTaste VV V.3 with an iClear 16 on it right this second. It works perfectly fine with the ego threadings. Why go and change that.

Just a little rant about something I just don't get.

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03-10-2014, 06:55 PM
There was a previous version vv3 that used a square bottom cartridge and it went into a 510/ego adapter with a magnetic base. This new one is a square clearo with 510 theading designed to give a custom fit. As it's an i10, i doubt they'll discontinue the 16's. I'm not a fan of the 16's - too much wick. And if you have a higher content vg juice it's thicker you can't even twirl it there's so much wick - you are constantly topping off to avoid dry hits. I'd take bottom coil any day.

03-11-2014, 01:05 PM
The 10s kits I wouldn't recommend, and I no longer stock them. They are super cute and have caps on them, and have vv/vw, but the 510 threads aren't good and wear out in a few weeks. I've had 4 customers return them, and I exchanged express kits (the 510/ego version) for them. The express kit is nice and the IClear16 kit is the same thing but with atty's and coils. Either of those is good depending on what you want. Have such a small battery with only a 510 connection isn't ideal.

03-11-2014, 02:55 PM
My initial purchase to get me off analogs was a 10s along with the itaste 510/ego, 10s version lasted all of three days and just like drtongue96 stated the threads were bitched on em, thankfully mine was replaced from another vendor and I moved forward from that.