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02-04-2014, 12:47 PM
from top to bottom (not the pictures)

Top cap: machining on the top cap is very well done, has no visible flaws, only flaw is that the hole for the drip tip is to big. the stock DT that came with it wobbles like a drunk, non of my DT fit into the top of this atty without teflon tape. the air hole placement and drilling is very well done, no visible defects there.

AFC Ring: well this one works but the largest air hole on the top cap is larger in diameter than the outer rings air hole size, so the largest air hole becomes useless without drilling out the outer afc. other than that it works as designed and provides good air flow all around. UPDATE: THE INNER CAPS DUAL HOLE PLACEMENT IS SLIGHTLY MISS ALIGNED.
atomizer deck: well same as the V1 not to much difference. The post screws are a much nicer material than on the V1 and also the slots are wider allowing for more lower gauges of wire without build frustrations. the walls of the juice wells are about 1mm-1.5mm higher in the V2 and allows for slightly more juice to be held on the deck area. insulator on deck is the same as v1.

510 connection: lets start with some positives on this one, the 510 connection fits on all my mods. it sits flush with all mechs. The center copper positive pin is just disgusting as shown in photo's it is mangled lol(probably a one off type deal just got unlucky and got a shitty pin). Not sure if it fires yet as I haven't built a coil for it. THE COPPER PIN IS NOT ADJUSTABLE ON THE V2! or it could be the fact that my 510 pin is so F$#& that it wont adjust. The o-ring on the atty deck sucks it barely holds the top cap on.

Initial rating out of 10:

It has a lot of nicks and dings also that copper center pin just killed it for me, the atty doesn't even stand up it just wobbles and falls. the AFC ring has smaller holes than the largest hole located on the top cap, this should of been thought of during manufacturing. overall it is a very well made product for a clone and EHpro did a good job but skipped some minor things. but hey it is a Chinese clone so perfection isn't expected, for the 20.99 I paid for it def will be getting another 2 or 3 for sure just to have around. NOT THE ONE FROM EHPRO THOUGH GO TOBECCO


02-04-2014, 12:49 PM
Reserved for added photos of this atty

05-03-2014, 10:26 PM
It seems like tobeco has built a name for themselves ;x