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01-27-2014, 07:13 PM
Hello Folks,

As you might have noticed there was a error that came up this morning saying "ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SUSPENDED". I got a whole lot of emails regarding it and i just wanted to address it. This error had nothing to do with your account being suspended.

Yesterday our data center was doing upgrades and moved our site to a newer server which is actually state of the art but apparently the optimization was not as good as the old server we were running on which lead to our data center (bless their hearts) trying to figure out what the issue was and why our site was having a hard time keeping with up the load. This lead to them having to suspend the hosting so they could take a better look (which is why you got the suspension error page).

They called me up today and we had a good conversation about it and tonight we should be moving to a temporary server so that the pages are loading at the proper speeds (i realize they are slower right now). Then by tomorrow we should be back on a permanent server which can handle all the load.

Long story short over the next 48 hours you might experience some short downtime (they usually do it during late night or early early mornings) so hopefully no one should notice anything.

On a side note the hosting guy is getting a evod starter pack, maybe we will see him posting around here shortly!

Appreciate the patience in this matter, all for the better!