View Full Version : Replace those crappy 510 grommets!

12-18-2013, 09:08 PM
You know how your VV/VW mods, whether they're $30 or $100, come with the same off-white rubber grommets that end up cracking, swelling, burying that pin, flooding your precious VV/VW circuit boards? I'm talking about these things:


I was gentle taking that thing out, so gentle, and still, it fell apart on me. It was a crap-encrusted frayed shadow of its former cream-coloured self. You don't need to suffer! Your mod deserves better! Get some silicone in there!


Look how tight that is! Look how clean that is! I flooded it ten minutes ago, stuck a Q-Tip in there. I'd eat out of that 510 socket! Though I'd avoid the crud laying around the outside of the Ego part, that is gross, this post isn't about that.