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12-10-2013, 02:07 PM
Santa & Crave have an announcement for all you Flavour Enthusiasts! The Big Guy is also a huge fan of Crave's Gourmet Flavours!

After many many days of sampling all of our delectable flavours, the Big Guy has given us his Christmas Wish List! To help share a little holiday spirit, courtesy of the Big Fella himself we've put together "Santa's Gift of Pure Flavour!"

What is this you ask...? Well Santa loves these flavours and asked us to share them with everyone; tis the spirit of the season after all :)

Since its Christmas time, what a great gift it would be... and for that reason he has also requested we add an E-Roll Starter Kit to the mix so that people can spread the cheer of vaping all year!

Well Christmas is the perfect time... Crave is THE gift for the hard-to-buy-for, and this package gives you everything you need to sit back and happily puff on some mouth watering Gourmet Flavours or include them in some of your favorite holiday recipes!

This is our first package that has included our "Pure" line. What that means is these recipes were designed SPECIFICALLY for producing the BEST, most NATURAL tasting flavours you will ever experience in your lifetime! We are hoping to slowly phase all of our juices over to this new extraordinary line!


You get the following in this wicked package: (15ml or 30ml bottles + E-Roll)

1) Hawaiian P.O.G. eJuice (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/organic-hawaiian-pog-ejuice)
2) Miami Vice eJuice (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/organic-miami-vice-ejuice)

--and also - EXCLUSIVE to Crave Gourmet eJuice ONLY--

3) PURE Blueberry eJuice (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/crave-pure-blueberry-e-juice)
4) PURE Strawberry eJuice (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/crave-pure-strawberry-e-juice)
5) PURE Cookies & Cream eJuice (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/crave-pure-cookies-and-cream-e-juice)

PLUS an White E-Roll Starter Kit! (http://www.craveejuice.com/collections/eroll/products/eroll-on-the-go-starter-kit)

15ml Gift Package + E-Roll (http://www.craveejuice.com/collections/eroll/products/eroll-on-the-go-starter-kit) = $85.00 ($30 in Savings!)
30ml Gift Package + E-Roll (http://www.craveejuice.com/collections/eroll/products/eroll-on-the-go-starter-kit) = $95.00 ($40 in Savings!)

BUY HERE! (http://www.craveejuice.com/products/santas-gift-of-pure-flavour-holiday-savings-pack)


12-17-2013, 09:51 AM
Check out an awesome new review of the PURE blueberry contained in this package!

Darya N.: "The first thing that will catch your eye about this ejuice is its vibrant purple colour! I have never seen an ejuice that looks like or tastes like this one. It is more real and more full of delicious blueberry taste than I ever imagined! To me it tastes exactly like blueberry pie and it has skyrocketed its way into my top 5 favorite flavours of all time. I can't say enough good things about this ejuice, it renewed my hope for fruity flavours which I have previously nearly given up on. A must have in your collection! If I had to say one negative thing about it, I would say that the liquid seems to be a bit thicker than most other ejuices which can be a problem for some clearomizers."
5 stars

Happy Holidays everyone!