View Full Version : Clarifications Please

11-14-2013, 01:07 PM
Hi Chef... Just need some details before I put an order through...

1) I know your ejuice has a zero nic content... So is the difference between an ejuice and a concentrate/extract just the amount of VG in the bottle?

2) What percentage of concentrate/extract should we be using for DIY? (The other flavor companies are 5%-20%... Most are about 15%)

3) For DIY Double Strength eJuice, you say to add 10%-40% of a base... In other words, using these as if they were concentrates/extracts, they should be used at 60%-90%... Is that right?

Since I will be adding nic to whatever I order anyway, I just thought it would make the most sense to buy concentrates... Sound logical?

Thanks... Really looking forward to trying you guys out :)

(Oh... last thing I just wanted to mention... a site error... The ejuice page shows prices all starting at 3.25 instead of the actual 4.95)