View Full Version : WackedOut Calander ; using it for your shows,vape meets, etc

10-01-2013, 12:13 PM
Hey Folks,

Just wanted to post this because i dont think many people know about this still. We have a calander that's free to use for anyone. The system auto fills birthdays in there but it would be great if all the vapeclubs posted their vapemeets on the calendar. http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/calendar.php .

By having all your stuff on the calander then it makes it easy for me to refer to the calander and let people know about all the upcoming events going on when i do the newsletter. It also is a great place to put all events across Canada. Just makes it really easy to find.

Things to put on the calendar:

-Vape Club meets
-Social gatherings open to the public
-Trade shows such as vapecan
-flea markets which sell e liquid/ejuice
-Vaping shows

Etc etc etc. If everyone lists their events on the calendar it will be a great one stop resource to find events.. :)

Again here is the link: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/calendar.php