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09-23-2013, 11:18 AM
Hello Folks,

It's that time again for a monthly newsletter from us here at WackedoutEcig.ca I hope that everyone had a great summer and where I am anyways it's getting to be fall. You got the Halloween stuff out already... even some cases the Christmas stuff... o goodness

This was a pretty good month for us here. We just inched past the 1400 members registered. At the time of writing this we also have 115 users online which isnít bad at all this wonít be a long newsletter this month but just lots of good information and interesting threads.

September Prizes We got about 9 prizes from various vendors for this month. If you have not been on the forum in a while the way the prizes work now is that you have to reply just once to the prize announcement thread to be entered. This way it's much easier for me to pick winners. Currently there are 130 people registered for the 9 prizes... not bad odds. You can find the thread here: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/4009-September-Prizes-Annouced!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coupon Codes: If anyone of you have been living under a rock then just to remind you we do have a thread i started a while ago with various coupon codes to wackedout vendors using the Wackedout code. You can view the participating vendors here before submitting your orders: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/388-Canadian-Store-Coupon-Codes

600$ Mod... any takers: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/4056-One-very-expensive-mod

Vape Magic: Interested in some vaping tricks to show your friends? Here are a few pages that might interest you.

Website Update: With all the deals and steal and bargains everyone posts we have created a dedicated part of the forum so people can talk about all the wonderful deals they are finding and want to share with the rest of us: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/forums/56-BARGAINS-STEALS-amp-DEALS

New members please post:
There are a lot of people who sign up and never post. Maybe they are hard-core lurkers, maybe they forgot about the site, maybe they are just nervous to post for the first time. This part of the forum is dedicated to your FIRST post and New members in general. By all means introduce yourself... we are very warm and welcoming no matter on what your experience. We WANT to help every one of all levels. http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/forums/10-New-Member-Introduction

Support WackedOut with a VIP Membership:
Enjoy the forum and want to give back or at least get some extra features on your account such as:
-Ability to view/post in the VIP Sub forum (only viewable by VIP members)
-Your pm inbox increases from 150 to 500
-you can send a pm up to 5 people instead of only 2
-you can set your own custom title
-your profile picture can be 100kb instead of 63
-you can upload a Animated Avatar
-you have the ability to upload a Animated Gif as your signature
-You can have a album and upload photos
-Can have your own blog
-When we start getting a steady stream of more prizes and revenue we will start doing current prizes for everyone, PLUS VIP ONLY PRIZES
-more to be added as new features are added
-you will be identified on the board with a badge of honor
-your name will be GREEN!

Vape Meets:

There is a Ottawa vape meet in the funnel, at the moment they are talking about October 19 http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/3809-Ottawa-Vape-Meet-IV/page14

Calgary vape meet September 28 http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/3960-Calgary-Vape-Meet-Saturday-Sept-28-13-1-5pm-Blind-Monk-918-12th-Ave

Sask peeps tried to get a meeting together, they had a very small meeting maybe more people can sign up next time? http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/578-Anyone-from-Saskatchewan/page8

Edmonton Poker/Vape meet: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/4215-Vape-Poker-Meet-Edmonton

Vancouver Vape Social; Meet stash and Solo Sep 29 http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/4194-%E2%80%9CVancouver-Vape-Social%E2%80%9D

Victoria vape Meet Sep 25 http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/3563-Victoria-Vapers-Meetup-Group

Winnipeg Vape Meet; discussing a vape meet in October http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/3934-Winnipeg-Vape-Club-Sept-7th-Get-Together/page13

Kingston and Area Vape Meet : maybe October 4? http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/4175-Kingston-and-Area-Vape-meet

Montreal Vape meet: Sep 25 http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/3278-Montr%C3%A9al-Vape-Meet

Take care folks! Regards,