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12-08-2012, 11:34 PM
Hello Community !

Well as you can see the Forum is now live and undergoing BETA Testing. What does that mean beta testing you might ask? Well every forum has some sort of break in period to test to make sure everything works and it helps us identify if there are any errors people are getting, any problems uploading pictures.. Maybe you cannot do something you think the forum SHOULD be able to do.. This is the time you should test it and if anything odd stands out at you just reply to one of these post or email us and we can look into it.

We do not want to have an official grand opening until we actually are confident everything is working the way it should.

During this time just use the forum as you normally would and if you experience anything out of the norm let me know and i will look into it. there are thousands of settings in a board such as this so it's hard to identify what is normal and what's not unless we test the hell out of it.

Over the next few weeks and months considering how much personal money i can throw into this hobby i will be hiring a SEO expert and a social media expert to help you maximize every possibility to get the most users we can here. The hardest part of any forum is getting the first 100 users or getting people to post articles and threds and reply to posts simply because it's not as active as larger forum is. This is very normal and standard.. typically it takes a long time to build one up but i'm eager and dedicated to do it very quickly and because i have fun a forum before i know what works and what does not work.

I'm always looking for team leaders and people who are willing to write up articles and help make the world know we exist. If you have the ability to help just post our link here and there or let other people know that would be a super help and much appreciated.

Again thanks for anyone who has joined or will be joining, this is going to be a great community and a leader within Canada for this industry.



12-10-2012, 02:00 PM
I have been updating little things here and there as i find them so if you guys continue to find any little things just report them to me as some of you have been doing already, it all helps.