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12-06-2012, 09:47 PM
Hello There,

Welcome to WackedOutEcig.ca . My name is Shawn and i am the founder of this forum. I created this forum because when i first started vaping i could not find much information for Canada because currently in Canada there is a law prohibiting the sale of Ecigarettes. I am hoping in the future if anyone is reading this then that has been overturned but for now it's reality. This forums purpose is to bring together people from all over the country to share a passion that maybe some people have been doing for years already while other people are experiencing for the first time.

If you are thinking to yourself that this is just "another" forum that will be gone in 6 months you are wrong. I just recently sold my last forum which i owned for 10 years. I was looking for a change and now i have found it. I enjoy the commuties that a forum creates and i look forward to the friends i will make and the information that will be shared and passed down over the next few years.

I encourage experienced and beginners to join and collaborate to create a great wealth of information.

Over the next few weeks this will be a test for me to change the forum as it needs it. There are many plugins and modification that have yet to be done but it all takes time. I am very open to taking suggestions so please let me know if you have any.

The hardest part about a new forum is that people have a hard time signing up because of lack of members but i can assure you the only way to build a forum up is hard work and dedication. I have always said that the members make the community and this is no different. Please sign up and start posting and that will only fuel my desire to work harder for you. I will be investing money into the quicker expansion of the forum through sponsorship and social media and hopefully we will be able to gather a great membership quickly. I encourage anyone reading this to post our link if you can to expand the reach possible.

I hope you enjoy the forum and look forward to meeting each and everyone of you at some point.


Shawn AKA Nicklfire

01-14-2013, 05:44 AM
Thanks for starting this! I found you off the link at Jugheads. I don't know many vapers, but I've converted a few friends recently, so I'll try and get them to start up. Looking forward to adding this to my list of daily forum visits.

01-14-2013, 06:14 AM
Hey There and welcome! Thanks for the kind words and support hope you enjoy your stay!