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05-01-2013, 07:53 PM
Hello ,

You are receiving this email because you are a member of Wacked Out Ecig! The last few weeks has been very busy for me with normal every day life as well as the forum so this newsletter is a few weeks delayed so I apologize for anyone who looks forward to the email.

There has been a lot of activity in the last month and a half and I am continually impressed with the growth rate of the forum. There have been so many new members and lurkers who are signing up at a very quick rate so thatís great to see. The vendors/partners we have created on wackedoutecig.ca are amazing. We increase our public awareness very easily because of the partners we have created and Iím happy with every one of them. They provide great information and they give us great deals so this is a special thank you to all involved.

At the bottom of this newsletter there are 3 vendors who have supported us in this newsletter which if you could take a look at their deals that would be super! Thanks Vapoury , Stinky Canuck, and The Gentlemens Reserve .


We continue to grow at a staggering pace and still hardly anyone knows about us. I usually try and snoop on the forum daily to see the new member forum and love seeing people referred by other members so thank you for everyone that has done that. DEE one of our members has been a great help and created a template for a business card with the wacked out logo which she has printed and passes out to people so thank you DEE!

SoÖ how are we doing for visitors.. here we go!

Visits per day: in the last 30 days we are avg about 1200 visits per day. That equates to about 9,712 people visiting the site in that time periodÖ lots of potential for new member signup rates to increase.

Pageviews: each time you load a new page that is considered a pageview. We are sitting at about 297,000 pageviews and ALMOST breaking the 300,000 mark and passing the quarter million mark. Great incentive for sponsors looking to sign up for banner ads.

Avg visit duration: people typically spend 15 minutes on the site, impressive!

New visitors: we are still sitting about 25% of the visitors are brand new

Country: Canada leads at 80% , USA comes in at second at 8%

Traffic: 60% of our traffic comes from search engines, 23% comes from people who are linking to us (which includes facebook, twitter, vendors) , then the other come from directly typing in our address.

Google: we are killing it with Google with 18,248 visits to our site came from searches within the last 30 days. Facebook comes in second with 984 , vaughnlive brings in about 865 , and BING brings in about 706 rounding out the top 4.


I have been monitoring the complains/suggestions subforum for the last few weeks and it seems there are some cookie issues I still need to figure out a solution for. I will be hiring a vbulletin consultant company to help me fix this issue in May.

I will likely be coming out with a vendor subforum plan to allow vendors there OWN subforum. I have done this on my previous forum and it was VERY successful. I believe that ECF already does this as well. This will just give added exposure for vendors but also allows them to post threads in their own subforum and allows visitors to ask vendors questions directly publically.


We recently announced all the winners for the APRIL PRIZES so be sure to check to see if you won. You would not believe how many people do not claim their prizes!


VAPEMAIL SHOW AND TELL: Great thread started a while ago where you can post pics of your new products you got in the mail. Get some good ideas or what others are ordering: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/219-VapeMail-Show-amp-Tell

E-CIGS AND TEENS: Interesting article which came out recently regarding Ecigarettes and Teens: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/2180-E-CIGARETTES-AND-TEENS-Community-Magazine

STARRíS COOPS : Interested in co-opís you gotta check this one out. http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/threads/2087-Starr-s-Co-ops**-Official-thread

WHATS UP WITH VAPORCHASE: Congrats Mindfield on his new juice line.


Below are some vendors that choose to opt in and support us and in turn we are doing some ads in our newsletter. Please check out the below vendors and check them out.

STINKY CANUCK! ( http://www.stinkycanuck.com (http://www.stinkycanuck.com/))

Hey there you bunch of Wackedout Stinkers!

We love being a part of wackedoutecig.ca, so we're offering everyone receiving this newsletter a FREE 10ml bottle of Stinky's Dam Juice on any order before May 10, just put your desired flavour and strength in the comments box at checkout. On top of that, use coupon code: springbeav for 10% off your entire order!!

Check out what's NEW at StinkyCanuck

Genuine Joyetech 1000mah Ego-C Twist batts in 3 new colours

Innokin iClear 16 dual coil clearomizers (and 30's will be back in stock soon!)

Stinky-size your juice! All Stinkyís Dam Juices are now available in 120ml bottles
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Stinky loves the springtime, so the spring sales at StinkyCanuck.com are blooming,

While they last, the VMOD XL is available for ONLY $89.99...that's $40 off regular price!

Ego K Laser etched batteries in 3 cool designs ONLY $15.95

Ego XXXL dual coil cartomizers (1.25 ohm) ONLY $2.99

Stinky Swag is on sale, too! Grab any of our T-shirts for $14.99

Oh, and stay tuned for more new flavours coming soon!

Vape On!

Team Stinky

The Gentlemens Reserve (www.grbc.co (http://www.grbc.co))

A warm welcome to all from the GR! Before the end of this month we are rolling out our customer loyalty program where patrons earn store credit awards for their continued loyalty. Reach certain account milestones and you will also be inducted into our soon to debut buyers group, the Gentlemens Club. Club members will receive % off discounts on everything we sell, all the time! Discounted prices are adjusted on the website when logged into your account, and there are three tiers of savings to be achieved. Club member discounts can also be stacked with coupon codes and store credit for even more ridiculous deals.

For those of you not already aware we recently rolled out our free gift system where for every $100 you spend per order you receive x1 free 30ml of eliquid of your choice, with up to x3 30mls of eliquid possible in each order. This applies to all eliquid we carry!

Also on the horizon arriving soon are new bottle sizes and new hardware including the Kanger ProTank, Kanger EVOD clearomizer, and Innokin iClear 30 dual-coil clearomizer. Be sure to check us out for awesome savings and friendly service


THE VAPOURY ( http://www.Vapoury.com (http://www.vapoury.com/) )

I have the pleasure to announce the Grand Opening of The Vapoury! Come visit our online vape shop at http://www.Vapoury.com/ for a vast assortment of clearomizers, cartomizers, rebuildable atomizers, batteries, mods, accessories and more! We offer live chat, quick support and blazing fast processing & expedited shipping across Canada for 9.99$, FREE on every order over 99$ and XpressPost for 14.99$! We accept Interac E-Mail Transfers (EMT), Moneybookers (Visa, Amex, MasterCard) and Canada Post Cash On Delivery (COD) for an additional 7.50$ fee.

The website also features a "Build Your Own" starter kit to give you the freedom of handpicking each and every pieces of your setup. There's already a lot of different choices and we'll keep on adding more in the future as we find new gears and receive your product suggestions! You can check it out by clicking here: http://www.vapoury.com/starter-kits/byo-kits

We are also currently working on carrying Canadian made e-juices for your convenience and would love to hear about which ones you'd like to see in our shop, so feel free to chat or e-mail us at cs@vapoury.com with any comments, questions and recommendations!

Thank you!