View Full Version : Trying to find SS 316(L) wire in Canada? (NO chinese wire though please)

10-07-2015, 01:12 PM
Hi, trying to find 316 (L) Stainless Steel wire. Ok, not quite TC related but close enough.

I am not great with specs but know that I prefer 26 gauge Kanathal so not sure if i should be looking for 26 g SS or not?
And can anyone please provide a link for good quality wire IF such a place exists where i don't have to pay an extra $20 for shipping on top?
Don't mind doing so IF i discover I like it but hesitant to pay $40 total just to see iF I like it.

Can't seem to find any Canadians that know much about SS wire and can help locate it.
Hoping to be surprised :)


10-07-2015, 08:37 PM
Canvape has some, from youde. Not expensive either

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10-07-2015, 08:47 PM
Canvape has some, from youde. Not expensive either

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Youde is China. He requested no Chinese wire :)

10-07-2015, 09:10 PM
Actually let me qualify that, YOUDE is the only acceptable Chinese wire...not sure why but i love everything by Youde ;)

Presently looking up Malin Lockwire on Ama......but difficult with all the numbers so i would prefer ease of Youde perhaps

Thanks, will go check this out right now

10-08-2015, 10:43 AM
Thanks for the help. You are right. Can Vape does sell Youde SS wire. Normally I WONT buy chinese wire but Youde is the one exception. I happen to just love all of their products. That said, still not my first choice. Noticed that DashVapes also sells a SS wire. Unfortuntely I find the staff there knows very little about wire so I woudl have to be 100% sure of what i was buying before going in there.
Still working on Amazon for this wire though.....just working out which one i need....if that fails, CanVape will be my next stop.

Thanks again. Much appreciated! For anyone else that might stumble upon this, here is a quote I read somewhere else about Malin wire, that can be purchased through Amazon.

Again. If you want wire CERTIFIED by law as an aerospace component, use Malin Lockwire. Depending on the gauge, its 304, 316 or 317 stainless. There is no difference between these alloys unless you plan on welding with them, which I hope is not the case. $20 for 600 ft of 22 gauge with free 2 day delivery from amazon. 28 gauge gives you 1600 feet.


Use this to convert wire diameter to gauge

AWG to square mm Wire Gauge Conversion (http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/awg-wire-gauge-d_731.html)

0.32 is 20 gauge 0.25 is 22 gauge. .015 is 26 gauge

How much easier can this be?

Or would you prefer Chinese wire of unknown quality, at $4 for 30 feet.

.13 a foot for mystery Chinese wire, or 0.0125 for inspected, certified US made aerospace grade 304, 316 0r 317 Stainless Steel wire.

Malin SS Wire: Amazon. $20 and change, includes 2 day delivery to Canada

10-08-2015, 01:21 PM
That is a crazy amount of wire...lol. and good enough for space stations!

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10-08-2015, 05:53 PM
Unfortunately that order did not work out and still working on it . My understanding at this point, being back at square one is that they don't ship into Canada but will require a minimum order of $125 to do so. I might consider that if all else fails and since i am not here to make any money off of vapers, IF i get it in, anyone in Toronto that would want some at wholesale cost would be welcome to the rest, after my required amount is set aside.
Still working on it though but know others in the US that use this wire and it is by far the best and gives the cooler vape I seek.

10-08-2015, 09:31 PM
For anyone interested, Stainless Steel wire is very difficult to get in Canada. I was fortunate enough to have one of the few very decent guys on the FT forums help me out, OneBadWolf. The problem is that there are too many people vaping on inferior Chinese wire which can be found fairly easily, or, its next to impossible to find the right wire that can be shipped here into Canada. Every which way he tried to help me we ran into that roadblock. Amazon.ca, Amazon.com and so on. The only Malin wire which he first turned me onto, wont ship here but Amazone.ca carries two different sizes only, neither of which can be used for vaping.

For some, Chinese wire is more than acceptable and I wish I were able but I cant use it. Dont like its taste. Want the safest/best wire possible within reason cost wise (apparently buying it this way is priced well, until they get the idea its for vapers and it skyrockets, at least from what I have been told)
In any event, for anyone that might be interested, PM me for the link/info

I was going to post it here but learned the other day not to be so helpful until at least AFTER i order, which wont be until tomorrow morning. Yeah, I lost out on a great deal for the HCigar VT200 by being too helpful. By the time i got there, they were all sold LOL So Pm me if one needs a link, for now. Thanks all!

10-13-2015, 06:38 PM
Ok... you ordered 3 days ago... now spill the beans ;)

10-14-2015, 09:18 AM
MadMeatHead: I am going to PM you simply because I have not had the time to answer this in a organized fashion. Someone else asked by PM out of province and i threw a detailed post together along with the link, so as to give all information that I had. Which you may or may not want but seeing as I just dont have time to go through ths right now and post ONLy the relevant information I have copied/pasted it and will post it in a PM to you in 2 minutes.

Later if I have time i will try to organize my information into what would make a post far better or you can feel free to do so.....but what I have is just too unorganized to post here momentarily. Anyone else in a hurry can PM me and i can copy/past again until I spellcheck, organize etc.

My wire will be arriving today by the looks of it but it was a long weekend, hence the delay :)

10-15-2015, 04:05 PM
For those interested: Just arrived, 900 Feet of 304 SS Safety Wire for $14.60 and shipping came to a total of $24....0.51.......
American SS users I know, vaping at 160+ watts for months now not overly fond of Nickel/Ni200 + T1 Titanium, have turned to Stainless Steel wire. Hard to get here in Canada, other than chinese wire, welding and/or picture or craft wire which is fine but I wanted the best there was and no where better to go than through Aeronautical companies.
The trusted company, Malin Safety Lockwire, is a bit harder to purchase from unless you are willing to make a minimum order of, I believe, $125, at least here in Toronto. I cant speak for other provinces throughout Canada, only mine.
Malin Wire comes in a blue plastic bin. Many of us said we wanted the bins as they were perfect for keeping any wire in, rather than spools. You kow those spools. You attempt to cut a piece of wire and somehow let go and it unravels in 1/60th of a second....lol with you swearing the whole time you are gathering it back up. Happened to every one of us no doubt , at least once :pout:

0.32 is 20 gauge 0.25 is 22 gauge. .015 is 26 gauge

Malin Safety Lockwire (US):

If you want wire CERTIFIED by law as an aerospace component, use Malin Lockwire. Depending on the gauge, its 304, 316 or 317 stainless. There is no difference between these alloys unless you plan on welding with them, which I hope is not the case. $20 for 600 ft of 22 gauge with free 2 day delivery from amazon. 28 gauge gives you 1600 feet.

Amazon.com wont ship to Toronto and Amazon.ca has 1-2 Malin wires but not the gauges one would use for Vaping, hence, it was suspected that a company here was selling Malin Wire but showing it in a cardboard container, rather than the noted Malin Blue plastic container. It arrived today and unlike its website photo, it arrived in the Malin Blue container further suggesting it was the Malin wire as suspected.

If interested, you can pick it up through this link: [url=http://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/safetywire.php Supplies and Aircraft Parts from Aircraft Spruce[/url]

Here are a few photos so you can see what you would be getting IF purchasing, as I did, though the Canadian company which I ordered direct from.






10-15-2015, 04:43 PM
just be careful if you order, that you DO click on the right gauge :)

I think i clicked on the wrong gauge I was exactly after but on first glance it looks ok..

EDIT: No, i was originally correct. What I ordered was about 24 gauge, which was what i was after.

10-16-2015, 07:53 AM
I am without a doubt now, a SS convert.

I have used Ni200, T1 both of which I felt, had flaws.
I loved the taste of Ni200 but HATED the way the resistance jumped back and forth.
T1, admittedly I didn't spend a great deal of time with for I was by then, starting to believe that TC a failed experiment, or, at the least, on to something but not there yet.

I made my first SS coil last night. I was basically told to add 1-2 extra wraps to what I felt was my favourite kanathal wrap so I chose a 2.5mm, 7 wrap, 24gauge wrap for 0.6ohms and I threw an extra 2 wraps ( I believe that was it ) and it came out to 0.45 on my iPV 3Li mod and now trying it on my Heatvape Invader Mini V2 and it reads at 0.38....yet to try it on the iPV D2 and/or the Sigelei 75 TC but so far, on the first 2 TC devices, this is a fantastic vape. I say that with caution for I took it slowly, not being sure and once i realized it wasn't going to burn up, explode, or every other disaster scenario i could imagine, I loved the vape.
And so far, not one dry hit, albeit, I am not a high wattage vaper so I will watch those vapers with interest.

The wire I bought is 22 gauge. Its what I used. I dug out 2 of my older Delta ll attys. I doubt the gauge would have sat under the screws on that deck easily but the Delta ll is one of those ones that has holes under the screws and a small L type turn puts the leg through the hole, the screws tighten down upon it and its a great coil.
Being this new convert, I will look to get one closer to a 26 gauge as well for my other attys.

Understand I am not technically inclined. I have to work 3x harder at it than most males (am female) and could have used a Dummy Book about ohms, had anyone devised such a book....lol....so whatever I learn, will be learned much faster and easier by most other vapers. IF I can be so easily converted, then I have to wonder why SS is taking so long to grab the attention of Vapers? And, or, why was SS not looked at first, before Nickel?

Lastly, all I have read so far is that this is very safe to use. So far I am finding an extremely clean vape taste on it without the dreaded Nickel taste that some pick up, when having used Nickel or Ni200..
I will be watching all info about SS from here on in with great interest but for those on the fence, IF I CAN DO IT and love it, all other vapers will be able to do so as well.

10-16-2015, 12:39 PM
Ooohh, I want to try some now...You can use it in tc and regular power mode right? But the only way to buy some is in 125$ batches?

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10-16-2015, 03:45 PM
Ooohh, I want to try some now...You can use it in tc and regular power mode right? But the only way to buy some is in 125$ batches?

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I am using mine in TC mode at the moment. I am not really sure how power mode works and IF it does but will ask someone who does and get back to you on this. ( yet I KNOW someone else told me they did use it in power mode so I have to double check that out for you)

I bought mine here, I am situated in Toronto and purchased the equivalent of 24 gauge. At 24 gauge its 900 feet for $14 plus about $9 for shipping so just under $25. I am normally a 26 gauge kind of vaper so I only bought 24g as it was the easiest when I did so but I *think* the same place now has 26 but not positive. In fact your post reminds me that i have to now go look to see if it does.
Again, I can get back to you in a couple of hours with that info.

Let me get all of that and get back to you...........

10-16-2015, 03:57 PM
All right great, that's still a lot of wire, but for 25$ I'm in!

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10-16-2015, 03:59 PM
The one I show in the photos above is the one I am speaking of at 24g...it IS Malin wire judging by the container.....i will get back to you on the rest in a bit....I just read an old post from January, by a German fellow who was then talking about buying it in Germany and i noticed he was roughly speaking the same 900feet for about the same price.

Amusing looking back for many vapers were poo pahhing his idea of vaping on SS but of course, we have come a long way since then and now more and more are doing it. I believe more are getting fed up of rebuilding with Ni200/Nickel and some with T1 and maybe feel that SS will be a bit of a letdown but once they try, as did I, am pretty impressed and now wonder why on earth this wasn't first looked at but I am told its because Evolv chose Nickel, for whatever reason that might have been, or perhaps the technology wasn't quite there yet? I am not sure of the answer...

Anyhow, let me go double check where i bought mine and see IF 26g is available---will get back in a bit