View Full Version : Innokin SVD (original) button fix

BX fan
06-16-2015, 11:27 AM
These buggers are known for firing problems. The button is set low in a metal casing and over time becomes increasingly difficult to get to fire. I would have to use my thumbnail and wiggle the button while pushing down - Rectumus painus extremus. There are a few solutions on the web. One involves replacing the button with a plastic nut that sticks out more, another involves inserting a specific diameter plastic washer that applies more internal pressure, and still another advises to use a Dremel tool on the inside of the metal button casing to reduce friction. I noticed when I removed the button casing completely and put the button back in it works perfectly, but the button is very loose and would likely fall out. So I laid it flat to center the button and loosely placed a piece of scotch tape - enough pressure to make contact and keep it from falling out but not so as to depress the button. Is it pretty? No, but neither am I. It's one of 8 apv's I have and I was about to retire it, but it works great now.

06-16-2015, 04:31 PM
If you have time a step by step tutorial would come in handy. I couldn't find anything on getting the thing apart to get to the button.

BX fan
06-29-2015, 06:32 AM
If you have time a step by step tutorial would come in handy. I couldn't find anything on getting the thing apart to get to the button.

Sorry CK47 - I haven't been on here lately and just seeing this now. I don't have a video or pics, but if you have the SVD you can see that around the black fire button there is a silver ring. I guess the thought was the ring would give it a finished look and help prevent accidental misfires by protecting the sides of the button and requiring someone to push straight down in order to get it to fire. Turns out to be a design flaw to many as the button is hard to press and gets worse with time and that's what happened to mine. However the ring is only held in with friction. If you can catch an edge of the ring with say a screwdriver you can pry it out. One example I saw was where someone used the narrow end of an old wooden clothes pin. What I did was lay it on the floor and held it steady with my foot, then used a screwdriver and a tack hammer. Mine started to move after a couple of taps, then I simply twisted the screwdriver blade and it came out. Behind the button is a white piece that bridges the gap between the circuit board and the button. I simply put those two back in place, made sure they were centered in the opening and applied tape. I kept the silver ring just in case but it's working flawlessly now without it. Hope that helps.

08-02-2015, 06:24 PM
The original svd was a real nice one to use, main issue I eventually had was the 510 threading must have worn down so much that the kayfun that I used to use with it would not screw down at all lol, it already had a very long positive pin too that could not adjust in any further so only thing to fix it was using a heatsink adaptor and screwing that in quite well so it doesn't fall out, maybe theyll have some on sale some time to pick up some for occasional "old school" vaping as it was a nice looking device, quite sturdy and was good that it had the telescopic tubing to take all length batteries :)