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04-30-2015, 04:01 PM
:ambivalence: Gossip from Vapor Tek

"An interesting bit of China behind the seen, drama.

Pioneer4U showed the IPv4 in late January with the YiHi 330 chip, but because of miscalculated popularity of the ipv mini, Pionneer4U, and bad production planning + greed, IPv4 production was greatly delayed, to make up for there mistakes (and lies) they the promised the IPv4 will include, temp control, with the yet unreleased YiHi 330 J (temp control chip) but YiHi, purposely delayed production and delivery on the sx330 J so that YiHi own SX mini M class mod with the SX350 J ( temp controlled chip) mod would have the market to itself ( because the temp control programming software is identical, between, 330J-350J).

So the reason the IPv4 is so late is a festival of lies and drama between Pioneer, and YiHi, and detrimentally effecting everyone who believed the original bs.

Is the IPv4 (330J) temp controls any good? Well yes, very good in fact, anyone who has used the SX mini M class (350J) already knows it's better than Evolv, it's that good, and don't take my word, PBusardo thumbed the original Evolv dna40, no/down!, then after extensively testing, thumb upped, the SX mini M class, his quote was, "if this (SX mini M-350J) was the first temp control I ever used, I would of approved of it" { heavily paraphrased} {quoted from the second half of the SX mini M class (350J), review, that got way fewer views}"

04-30-2015, 05:51 PM
And the IPV4 is half the price, and 40w more than the sx.... Worth the wait to not buy an sx mini.