View Full Version : Vintage E-liquids (Zippo inspired bottles!)

04-30-2015, 06:08 AM
Another week means another awesome new ejuice brand from America! This time I would like to introduce you to Vintage E-Liquids (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/vintage-eliquids). I should have had these back in the first week of March, but Canada Customs liked them so much they decided to hang on to these slick bottles until now.

Vintage takes their packaging to the next level. Using the classic zippo lighter as inspiration, Vintage has created a unique patented bottle to go along with their unique blend of juice. Both fruit and tobacco get the true respect they deserve.

Even if the flavours don't interest you, these bottles are true 1-of-a-kind collector items...

Vintage E-Liquids (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/vintage-eliquids)
8010 (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/vintage-eliquids)

The Dreamer (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-dreamer-ejuice): Take your flavour palate to new heights. Experience entrancing strawberry blended with delicate peach and pineapple notes to sweaten up the deal. A truly heavenly experience.
The Drifter (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-drifter-ejuice): A blissful mix of succulent tangerines, delicious custard, velvety cream, and a hint of calming vanilla. It's fruity and savory flavor will take you on a journey you will never forget.
The Joker (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-joker-ejuice): A playful twist of sweet orange blended with two kinds of luscious cream and a hint of vanilla. Tangy, creamy, and delicious; The Joker is sure to put a smile on your face.
The Legend (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-legend-ejuice): A legendary classic tobacco blend, with an added dose of sweet caramel and a dash of soothing vanilla. The Legend will ride into the sunset and leave you craving for more.
The Lover (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-lover-ejuice): Love is in the air with a refreshing trifecta of papaya, orange, and guava. Sweet and delicious, it's truly a perfect fusion of flavor you will fall in love with.
The Sinner (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/vintage-eliquid-the-sinner-ejuice): Only the best of both worlds, The Sinner combines two kinds of cooling mint with smooth robust tobacco for a wickedly exquisite mix of flavor unlike anything you've experienced before.