View Full Version : New Cereal Vapes from STRIPPED + FORBIDDEN ISLAND now In-Stock

04-19-2015, 01:18 PM
Cereal flavours are right on trend and the Sovereign Juice Co. (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/sovereign-premium-eliquid) is back with a brand new line of juices! 2 of which are really tasty breakfast inspired creations. Check them out...

Stripped (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/stripped-eliquid)
7977 (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/stripped-eliquid)

Caddy Shack (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/stripped-eliquid-caddy-shack-ejuice): A unique refreshing summer blend of Cucumber and Lime.
French Maid (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/stripped-eliquid-french-maid-ejuice): The taste of Crunchy Captain Cereal with a side dish of fresh Berries.
No 5 (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/stripped-eliquid-no-5-ejuice): A bright mix of Oranges and Lychee fruit with a Grapefruite kick!
The Byrd (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/stripped-eliquid-the-byrd-ejuice): Inspired by a certain exotic bird's favourite Fruit Cereal floating in Creamy Milk.

Forbidden Island (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/forbidden-island-ejuice) is now in-stock. I couldn't resist the temptation of those skull shaped bottles...
7976 (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/collections/forbidden-island-ejuice)

Captain Jackfruit (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-captain-jackfruit-ejuice): The light sweeness of a Jackfruit with a hint of candy. 75% VG
Dragonfruit Tangerine (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-dragonfruit-tangerine-ejuice): The exotic taste of Dragonfruit with notes of citrus and tangerine. 75% VG
Honeydew Island (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-honeydew-island-ejuice): The fresh taste of Honeydew with the right ammount of sweetness. 75% VG
Mango Madness (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-mango-madness-ejuice): Ripe Mango fruit with a tangy kick. 75% VG
Pirate's Punch (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-pirates-punch-ejuice): The bold fresh taste of Papaya with a hint of Lime. 75% VG
Tropical Star (http://steepedmonkeybrains.com/products/forbidden-island-eliquid-tropical-star-ejuice): The fresh taste of the Starfruit (Carambola) perfectly paired with Kiwi. 75% VG