View Full Version : [New Products in Store] Aqua V2, The Dark Horse RDA, Doge V2 by Tobeco.....

01-02-2015, 09:46 AM
hey guys, We have a lots of new products in stock right now. The important thing is we are welcome to price match within Canada.:tongue:
Mod (https://www.vapeonline.ca/mod/mod-batteries.html):

SMPL MOD clone
itaste SVD 2.0
Sigelei 100w
Hana Mod DNA 50
Zen ZNA 50 clone

RBA (https://www.vapeonline.ca/mod/rebuildable-atomizer.html):

Aqua V2 RBA by Tobeco
Orchid V5 with PC Tank RBA by Tobeco

RDA (https://www.vapeonline.ca/mod/dripping-tank.html):

The dark horse RDA by Tobeco
Vulcan RDA by Tobeco
Tobh 2.5 RDA by Tobeco
Vertex V2 RDA
Mephisto V2 RDA by Tobeco
Big Dripper V2 RDA by Tobeco
Mutation X RDA by Tobeco
HOBO RDA by Tobeco
Tugboat V2 by Tobeco
Doge V2 by Tobeco
Lancia RDA by Tobeco

Any questions or concern, please feel free to contact me at shawn@vapeonline.ca. Happy New Year:joyous:

01-02-2015, 02:35 PM
Are you aware that the Aspire Nautilus Mini you sell on your site is not authentic?

01-02-2015, 07:40 PM
Hi Robert, we apologize for the unauthentic Aspire Nautilus Mini. Sorry for your inconvenience. Two weeks ago when the new patch Nautilus/ Nautilus Mini was in stock, i checked randomly by person which shows on aspire official website are the real one. However, during this week, we have few complains about unauthentic Nautilus and Nautilus Mini. We are paying more attention on product souring problem. We are understand it will bring us bad reputation. We are appreciate your common. The product with problem has been withdrawn. Thank you and we will refund the Nautilus Mini and the juice to you on Monday. Have a nice day.