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Neala Vandermeulen
11-13-2014, 08:27 PM
G2K VAPE — Montreal Premium Vape Shop Online Store (http://www.g2kvape.com)

7 flavors:

- Trinity Reserve
- Stardust
- Compass
- No. 1
- Light House
- Nebula
- Journey

Your first Journey will be through the Seven Wonders of the World where you are NO.1. The course at hand is warm and inviting with a hint of coolness in the air that will refresh your taste for new things.

You will look up and gaze upon a NEBULA and be mesmerized by the STARDUST within.

Admiring the clouds above, you retrieve your trusted COMPASS and guide your vessel to the LIGHTHOUSE; a beacon of sweetness in a world of spice.

Upon your arrival, a bottle of vintage TRINITY RESERVE is opened. Humbled by the smooth vanilla bourbon warming your senses, you embrace the generosity of the many that have helped you along the way....

This is but the first chapter of many more to be introduced in LAZARUS VINTAGE's future. Their greatest continual challenge will be for your palate to be dazzled as it interprets the richness of flavors along with the intensity of beautiful aromas; Aromas so alluring that every one around you is pleased to be in your company and flavors so masterfully created that they are in a refined league of their own. This is the embodiment of the Lazarus Lifestyle and we welcome you to the Lazarus family!

11-14-2014, 08:07 AM
As a Castle Long fan I'm looking forward to trying out that Trinity Reserve.