View Full Version : Half of VIP Memberships donated to ECTA & THRA

11-13-2014, 07:07 PM
Hello Community!

I have been thinking about how to give back a little more to the organizations that are working hard to help us so i have come up with a little plan for the next few weeks (until the end of November).

Each person who signs up for a VIP Membership

I will donate 50% of the proceeds between the ECTA & THRA. They have been great organizations thus far in the fight for our right. While it may not account for a lot of funds i hope it will make a difference.

You the end user will get a sweet vip membership on wackedout with many perks... plus you will have a hand in donating to some great organizations to help move Canada to the forefront of helping create proper regulations.

How can i pay?
-we accept paypal through the signup or you can send email money transfer, again instructions here: http://www.wackedoutecig.ca/wacked-out-news-annoucements/671-upgrade-vip-membership.html

I already have a vip membership, can i sign up again?
-yes of course, if you signup again it will only add time onto your original membership

Will we know how many people signup?
-Not a problem i'll create a list of people who signed up so we can keep track of the progress :)

Any other questions please let me know. This might not add up to a ton but a little goes a long way i think.

The following are list of users who have kindly donated during this period:

11-16-2014, 03:46 PM
Nice idea but I don't think ECTA can take donations. I asked Kat about it once and she said no. I think it's because they're a trade association. I would send an email and ask them. Pretty sure they can't though.