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  1. World Health Organization plans to include e-cigarettes in FCTC at COP6
  2. Update on Roundtable Discussions and COP6
  3. Force HC to deal with Vapourizers
  4. What DoesThe Law Say
  5. Online Contact Form - Prime Minister's Office
  6. Ban e cigs to minors
  7. Civic Regulations
  8. New Roundtable Discussion - everyone welcome
  9. Urgent call to action
  10. E-cigarettes need strict rules, doctors tell WHO
  11. How worried should e-liquid businesses be?
  12. Victoria BC looking to ban vaping in parks and playgrounds
  13. Positive and sensible position on e-cigs from the goverment!
  14. Saw this on Facebook, WTF?
  15. Red Deer, AB Call to action
  16. A Call to Donate.... this one is worth it
  17. All About Labels - HOW TO - Requirements for CCCR 2001 and ECTA Compliant Labels
  18. Toronto Board of Health
  19. Call to action Canada & Toronto
  20. London Ontario backs Toronto ban
  21. Vancouver City Council considering ban on e-cigarettes
  22. 5,000 children have already tried an electronic cigarette in Grade 6! say's CCS
  23. Received response from email sent to Rona Ambrose
  24. WHO has released it's position statement for electronic cigarettes
  25. WHO - War Cry! Call to Action
  26. Is the World Health Organization right?
  27. WHO fb page - Make a comment in the ecig section
  28. Is CAVR dying?
  29. Calling a SPADE a SPADE!
  30. More News -- Some good some bad
  31. Click Bang -- Russ sends in liquids for testing
  32. Great Article written by Clive Bates - The Pharmaceutical Journal
  33. Dr Farsalinos - Crowd Fund Campaign
  34. My formal current response from the Canadian Government...
  35. From the Toronto Board of Health today
  36. For the battle of Nova Scotia
  37. Standing Committee on Health given mandate
  38. Getvapo Petition to Legalize the ability to advertise E-cig and E-juice Products
  39. Vancouver Meeting minutes and Videos
  40. My Letter that was sent to Rona Ambrose
  41. My Personal Call to Action
  42. Attention nova scotia vapers
  43. Nova scotia mla asks question re flavouring
  44. Alberta Vapers... In fact Canadian Vapers... Why wait?
  45. Tomorrow nov 3 is the day nova scotia
  46. Live Tweeting from Nova Scotia - November 3 - Jean Laroche from CBC
  47. If ever there was a time to pull together it is now - re nova scotia
  48. A really good summary of e-cigs regulation all around Canada
  49. Gathering addresses and this will go out tomorrow.
  50. IMPORTANT READ: Government of Canada - Standing committee on Health - E-Cigs
  51. So I wrote a letter...
  52. So I asked YOU to send a letter.....
  53. Bill 67 - An Act to Amend Tobacco Act
  54. ontario to revisit ban on flavours? just saw note on cp24
  55. Ontario introduces restrictions on electronic cigarettes
  56. Canadian Vaper survey
  57. My letter to Ontario Legislature re: Bill 45 - schedule 3
  58. Premeir wynns
  59. I received a reply from the Associate Health Minister
  60. ONTARIO Bill 45 regarding Electronic Cigarettes
  61. Collected letters to the National Post for December 8th
  62. Call this goverment number to get your chance to be heard about bill 45
  63. THRA ~ Tobacco Harm Reduction Association of Canada
  64. Bill 45 debate today
  65. Bill 45 - Ontario - What you can do to help!
  66. Bill 45 - Not on the Order of the Day for Tuesday, Dec. 9
  67. (Part 1) What the Ontario Government Does Not Want You To Know
  68. Yep its happening here too!
  69. need vendors/users input from BC
  70. Nova Scotians opportunity to respond
  71. Nova Scotia / Canada ~ GOV. Flavoured products online consultation now available
  72. Ontario e-cig law unconstitutional - Prof. - article - Monday, 16 February 2015
  73. Health Canada hiring secret shoppers to find out if stores are selling electronic cig
  74. Big Tobacco - the social equivalant of U2?
  75. Canadian RN Supports Vaping & M.O.V.E
  76. BC following ON, NS, MB
  77. Bill 14 2015: Tobacco Control Amendment Act, 2015
  78. HESA Report - Vaping : Towards a regulatory framework for e-cigarettes
  79. National Posts' report and analysis of the HESA committee on E-Cigarettes
  80. Bill 45 - Register to Speak (dates now available)
  81. Ontario MPP starts petition to shut down Bill 45 - ecig section
  82. Standing Committee on Bill 45 - Live webcast
  83. Edmonton bans vaping in public places..
  84. Voting in Alberta?
  85. Hey Nova Scotia May 31st is around the corner. What are you going to do.
  86. Manitoba Gov't Introduces Legislation June 1 2015
  87. Vape Shops Exempt ! - Calgary
  88. Upcoming Regulations from FDA and Canada Impact
  89. Question on C45
  90. Regulation under the Electronic Cigarettes Act, 2015
  91. BC Vaping Association call for concessions
  92. CloudFest 2016- Toronto Vape Festival
  93. Ottawa Public Health Survey
  94. What License Required?
  95. April 9th March/Protest
  96. Bill 14 British Columbia Tobacco and Vapour Products Control Act (Updated June 11/16)
  97. can you help????
  98. Let David Sweanor Speak! (action you can take as a consumer)
  99. How Canada's anti-vaping Bill S-5 costs us all
  100. Bill S-5 parliamentary petition
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