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  1. Health Canada Advisory
  2. Health Risks from second hand Ecig Vapor ?
  3. Which Electronic Cigarette Calls for Better E-cig Legislation to Protect Consumers -
  4. Smoking e-cigarettes at work ignites row - BBC News
  5. The Deadly Crusade Against E-cigarettes - The American
  6. eCigs HQ Publishes New Report, "Canada vs. E-cigarettes" - PR Web (press release)
  7. No Surprise: Smoking and Sudden Cardiac Death Closely Tied - Forbes
  8. Even Moderate Smoking Associated With Sudden Death Risk in Women - Science Daily (pre
  9. The good and bad of Electronic Cigarettes. - CKWS
  10. American Heart Association reports even moderate smoking associated with ... - Clarks
  11. Another article full of lies....
  12. Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Kanye West and more help raise $30 million ... - C
  13. What you need to know about e-cigarettes - io9
  14. Here's a good article!!!
  15. Speech - Tobacco Products Directive: Making tobacco products and smoking ... - EU New
  16. Informative Articles
  17. Illegal 'e-cig' helps smokers to quit - Calgary Herald
  18. Illegal 'e-cig' helps smokers to quit - Global BC
  19. Why e-cigarettes should be allowed in the office - Globe and Mail
  20. Alleged Conflict of Interest on FDA Tobacco Panel
  21. E-cigarettes: no smoke without ire
  22. Ecig Survey
  23. Monnnnney, its a gas
  24. Fuisz Announces a New Lozenge Product to Enhance E-cigarette Tobacco ... - MarketWatc
  25. Snus saga: An unfortunate illustration of the TPD proposal fiasco
  26. New Lozenge Announced to Enhance E-cig Satisfaction & Medical Marijuana ... - The Dai
  27. Fuisz Announces a New Lozenge Product to Enhance E-cigarette Tobacco ... - SYS-CON Me
  28. Clive Bates and the EU Proposition
  29. 'Inhaleable Desserts"
  30. FDA taking subnissions on ecigs and the like
  31. ... and he calls himself a doctor?
  32. You want real evil...
  33. SLB VAPROS warning
  34. Anti-smoking group cautions against using e-cigarette to quit smoking - Focus Taiwan
  35. Anti-smoking group cautions against using e-cigarettes - Taipei Times
  36. Health studies show Nicotine to be beneficial
  37. Canadian Lung Association: Don't Be Fooled by E-cigarettes! - Marketwire (press relea
  38. Electronic cigarettes may be harmful to smokers, warns lung assoc. - Beacon News (blo
  39. Think of the children
  40. Experts warn against use of electronic cigarettes amid National Non-Smoking ... - Glo
  41. GSK, makers of nicorette provide 16.38% of the revenue for the Canadian Lung Assc.
  42. The Difference between E-Cig and E-Liquid - Lancashire Evening Post
  43. It's always about money!
  44. Canadian Lung Association: Don't Be Fooled by E-cigarettes! - MarketWatch (press rele
  45. Local e-cigarette use sparks health concerns - Vernon Morning Star
  46. E-cigarettes 'can cause more harm than smoking,' experts say - Daily Mail
  47. e Cigarette May Cause Males to Grow Second Penis
  48. E-cigarettes more harmful than smoking - Deccan Herald
  49. Good doctors review on ecigs
  50. New nicotine product shows ANTZ e-cigarette "hazards" hypocrisy
  51. CTV story on Ecigs
  52. Electronic Cigarettes Reverses Rare White Blood Cell Condition in Fascinating Case St
  53. ASH seems to be reversing their position...
  54. The rise of E-cigarettes: Helping to quit or encouraging to smoke? - CBC.ca
  55. What do YOU think about this?
  56. Bet you didn't know there is an e-cig confirence in Toronto tomorrow (wednesday)
  57. E-cigarettes evoke controversy - CBC.ca
  58. New Ecig retail location
  59. Jesse Kline of the National Post to publish new article on e-cigs
  60. Negative Press Starting to Effect...
  61. *** Rubish ***
  62. Now the FDA Is Trying To Kill Smokers
  63. E-cigarettes are not your father's smokes - National Post
  64. Will FDA Crack Down on E-Cigs? - AlterNet
  65. Not exactly about vaping
  66. American Journal of Preventive Medicine
  67. E-Cigarettes pose dilemmas for regulators, tobacco control advocates - Ottawa Citizen
  68. Tonight Vapersplace - the truth about Nic, Canada and the law
  69. So I apparently have an on camera interview with Global National tomorrow re: e cigs
  70. E-Cigarettes pose dilemmas for regulators, tobacco control advocates - Canada.com
  71. E-Cigarettes pose dilemmas for regulators, tobacco control advocates - Globe and Mail
  72. Interesting....
  73. E-cigarettes sales pose dilemma for regulators - Vancouver Sun
  74. Public demand for FDA recognition of e-cigarettes as "safer alternative" increases...
  75. E-cigarette use concerns KFL&A Public Health - Napanee Guide
  76. TIME - Business and Money: Can Electronic Cigarettes Challenge Big Tobacco?
  77. E-cigarette use concerns KFL&A Public Health - Frontenac This Week
  78. Propylene glycol in e cigarettes might keep us healthy, says researchers
  79. E-Cigarettes pose dilemmas for regulators, tobacco control advocates - Vancouver Sun
  80. CASAA Research Fund (help fund e-cig research)
  81. Cool article from TIME Magazine
  82. More interesting articles
  83. Jury still out on whether e-cigarettes are safe - The Japan Times
  84. SRNT Annual Meeting Will Be a Scientific Farce
  85. ANTZ and the mirror-image delusion
  86. FDA seizing nicotine shipments in the US?
  87. Are electronic cigarettes more dangerous than regular ones? - India.Com Health
  88. Smoking out tobacco: The rise of the e-cig - The News International
  89. It Starts Tomorrow
  90. Health Canada's E-Cig restrictions deserve to go up in smoke - The Weal
  91. Democracy in action???
  92. Popularity of e-cigarettes poses dilemmas for regulators - CTV News
  93. What is really in the vapor ......
  94. Health Canada's E-Cig restrictions deserve to go up in smoke - Canadian University Pr
  95. Zen Cigarette Inc v. Canada (Health) - one huge error in HC's argument
  96. Ministry to consult with public on e-cigarette ban - Jerusalem Post
  97. BP - the 4th leading cause of death in North America
  98. Mail on Sunday Admits it was Wrong About e-Cigs
  99. Passing Tobacco Directive a ‘no brainer’
  100. Electronic cigarettes as a harm reduction strategy for tobacco control (2010)
  101. ASCP Study: Percieved Efficacy of E-Cigarettes: A Qualitative Approach
  102. Government Action Against Contraband Smokes
  103. Love Them or Hate Them E-Cigarettes Can Reduce the Harm Caused by Smoking - Newswire
  104. Smoking out tobacco: The rise of the e-cig - Inquirer.net
  105. Anyone still wondering?
  106. what is this?
  107. EU proposal on Ecigs - article
  108. Nitrosamines in E-Cigarettes: Do You Need to Worry?
  109. EU Smoking Regulation Led By "Big Pharma"
  110. New Study of Electronic Cigarette Vapor Confirms that E-Cigs are Much Safer...
  111. Ashtray Blog: It's Official: Smokers Are Discriminated Against - And No One Cares...
  112. Smoking out tobacco: The rise of the e-cig - The News International
  113. E-Cig Users On The Rise
  114. A Canadian e-cig News and Research Site
  115. V2 Cigs and Vapor Couture Host a Red-Carpet Party at the Oscars - SBWire (press relea
  116. WATCH: Canadian Ad Equates 'Social Smoking' to 'Social Flatulence' - TIME
  117. A short and sweet blurb in the Economist
  118. Former U.S. surgeon general joining board of electronic cigarette maker NJOY
  119. Fumo: dopo 'e-cig' ecco 'e-joint' - Corriere del Giorno di Puglia e Lucania
  120. The Economist - No Smoke. Why the Fire?
  121. New Study - Cartomizers
  122. FDA Announces Electronic Cigarette Ban and Shipment Seizures Starting April 7, 2013
  123. New spin in Oklahoma
  124. Ottawa’s misguided approach to e-cigarettes - McLeans article
  125. News spot on ecigs - following the regulations in California
  126. Study Finds 74% of Smokers Quit with Ecigs
  127. Inevitable Phone Call (Heath Canada)
  128. E-cigs - exploding the myths
  129. Anyone else feels sick with this...
  130. New Website Dedicated to eCig Research
  131. CTV announces new ecig store in Sask
  132. Smoke Without Fire - A Kickstarter for an Ecig Documentary
  133. ECCA publishes correct Canadian status on ecigs
  134. A Reminder: Do Not Leave Your Car Chargers Unattended...
  135. University of Oklahoma
  136. Altria to Enter E-Cigarette Market
  137. New Globe & Mail Article Today on E-cigs
  138. To be shared with the millions out there
  139. Global Edmonton just did another article about ecigs
  140. The Canadian Lung Association seems to be changing their Stance in our favor!!
  141. E-CIGARETTES AND TEENS - Community Magazine
  142. BT's E-Cig Bandwagon Hits Home: Imperial Tobacco to Develop E-Cigarettes
  143. Yay Paul!
  144. Electronic cigarettes could save millions of lives.
  145. Making headway
  146. Scientific American - Do Electronic Cigarettes Really Help Smokers Quit?
  147. Why does the Canadian Lung Organization get it so wrong when it comes to nicotine?
  148. letter from health canada
  149. Inside the world of vapers
  150. EverSmoke: New Attitudes Toward E-Cigarettes in Canada - SBWire (press release)
  151. Any more Qs
  152. EU folds up under pressure, removes 4mg nicotine limit in TPD
  153. Why the WHO is not qualified to attempt to educate people about electronic cigarettes
  154. Cigarette Smuggling May Be Funding Terrorism
  155. French Government Delays Tobacco Price Increase Because Too Many Smokers Have Quit
  156. Impulsive Penny Stocks - IceWEB, Inc., Generex Biotechnology Corporation ... - Techso
  157. Could e-cigarettes save smokers' lives? Some health advocates think so - Globe and Ma
  158. Are e-cigarettes a safe alternative? - Seacoastonline.com
  159. An organized attack on electronic cigarettes
  160. Study Finds E-Liquid Contains What it Says it Does
  161. Smoking at Home Reduces Property Values, an EverSmoke E-Cig Can Be the ... - SBWire (
  162. Recent Paper by Dr. Polosa
  163. Sigaretta elettronica, da ministero Sanità francese parte la stretta contro le e-cig
  164. Are nicotine e-cigarettes less harmful for smokers? - StarPhoenix
  165. Are nicotine e-cigarettes less harmful for smokers? - StarPhoenix
  166. nice to see positive info
  167. Are e-cigarettes better for the environment? - NOW Magazine
  168. France Declares Itself Insane... Bans E-Cigarettes In Public
  169. WHO expert says look to Ireland and UK for tobacco policy lessons. I beg to differ:
  170. Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Organization Launches Summer Webinar ... - SBWire
  171. VENDORS: Harper Government Announces New Fines to Strengthen the CCPSA
  172. ... an email responce from an MEP
  173. Italy May Give E-Cigs The Boot
  174. ClearStream-LIFE published
  175. Altria produces new ecig
  176. On the eve of a mjor announcement...
  177. Electronic cigarettes will be licensed as a medicine in the UK from 2016...
  178. Big Tobacco Botches the E-Cig Name Game - Investorplace.com
  179. The control lobby shows its true colours
  180. The rebuttal from the industry
  181. Globe & Mail: E-Cigarettes help smokers kick the tobacco habit, but are they safe?
  182. Never mind smoking, here's 'vaping' Cnews on Canoe.ca
  183. Experts demand tighter controls on e-cigarettes - Deadline News
  184. Excellent article from Economy watch
  185. 20 out of 21 electronic cigarette brands showed no signs of cytotoxicity
  186. Disection of MHRA's decision
  187. Best-Electric-Cigarettes - UK Announcement Sparks New Debate on E-Cigarette ... - SBW
  188. The Economist Explains: Who Opposes E-Cigarettes, and Why?
  189. Are e-cigarettes safe to puff? (Article)
  190. Big Tobacco bets on e-cigarette future - Financial Times
  191. Will E-Cigarettes Save Big Tobacco? - Forbes
  192. Dr. Farsalinos Study
  193. Is Nicotine Really Any Different Than Caffeine?
  194. Huffington Post article on vaping
  195. Queensferry Crossing - Deadline News
  196. New System Needed to Regulate Electric Cigarettes Reports DigitalSmoke.org - SBWire (
  197. for anyone who hasnt seen this
  198. Oldest Graduate - Deadline News
  199. WTF... is he trying to cover up a drug O.D.?
  200. Yet another BS article
  201. [Video/Study] Results of ECLAT Study on E-Cigarettes
  202. Thought i'd read this before somewhere..
  203. NJoy and Nicolites support MHRA regulations
  204. Big Tobacco Botches the E-Cig Name Game - Trefis
  205. PLEASE sign this.
  206. New E-Cigarette Hints at Quitting Potential - SBWire (press release)
  207. Ignore The Public, Listen To MacAvan And Her Pharma Friends
  208. Canadian Electronic Cigarette & Ejuice Vendor Launches New Online Storefront
  209. Reporter looking for ecig users
  210. And now the world health org is on the bandwagon
  211. *** Extra! Extra! *** read all about it
  212. Mark Keenan: Will EU ruling take the puff out of e-cigarette revolution? - Irish Inde
  213. Repeal - Schedule F of the Food and Drug Act
  214. IEA: Government Regulation of Nicotine Products Could Cost Lives
  215. The pony can be clearly seen after you join the dots
  216. Local News clip on e-cigarettes
  217. Vaping endorsed by VIHA
  218. South Beach Smoke Agrees with Starbucks New Smoking Ban Within 25ft of ... - SBWire (
  219. *** Spending money ***
  220. New Minister for Health - will it improve Health Canada?
  221. *** Speaking out of place ***
  222. Glaxo Used Travel Firms for Bribery, China Says
  223. Rhode Island Gov Chafee vetoes bill banning use of e-cigs by minors.
  224. F.D.A. Closer to Decision About Menthol Cigarettes
  225. ENVI committee Raporteur interviewed
  226. Stay of execution!
  227. Cigarette maker Lorillard's 2Q profit up 10 pct on higher pricing, e-cig sales ... -
  228. Odd participant
  229. interesting article
  230. The Vype
  231. Free Market Solutions in Health: Prohibition or Harm Reduction?
  232. Cigarette maker Lorillard's 2Q profit up 10 pct on higher pricing, e-cig sales ... -
  233. "What we know so far"
  234. New study shows no risk from e-cigarette contaminants
  235. Texas Researchers To Study Dangers/Benefits Of E-Cigarettes - CBS 11
  236. Cigarette maker Lorillard's 2Q profit up 10 pct on higher pricing, e-cig sales ... -
  237. The cost of medicinal regulations
  238. Butt Out and Vape In: E-cigs becoming hot trend in Oakville - Examiner.com
  239. E-cigarettes grow in popularity, but health effects remain unclear - Toronto Star
  240. Study Shows More Turning to E-Cigs to Cut on Smoking Habit - SBWire (press release)
  241. New study finds no health concerns in e-cig vapor
  242. Smoking Rates Are on the Decline, but Not So Big Tobacco - DailyFinance
  243. E-Cigs picking up steam right across Canada and abroad (Includes interview ... - Digi
  244. FDA proposes BANNING ONLINE SALES of electronic cigarettes
  245. Ban E-Cigarettes? The Anti-Smoking Lobby's Clueless Crusade
  246. ecigwerks
  247. eVic II
  248. CTV news.. Ecigs bad for kids going to school.. So says Nutritionist.
  249. Could e-cigarettes save smokers’ lives? Some health advocates think so
  250. Before You Puff an E-Cigarette, Read This - Huffington Post Canada