Not sure if anyone else has ever used this method, but I figured it out while trying fruitlessly to get my aga-t2 working.

The issue I kept having was the hot spot at the top of the coil before the post.

I assumed I had a short, but wasn't sure where exactly.

Long story short, after a lot of trial and error I decided to isolate my coil from the negative completely and fire.

Lots of vapor, no glowing. Confirming that my wick was shorting to the negative of the body.

So I kept on oxidizing it and reinserting, keeping the negative isolated the entire time.

As I continued to oxidize I got less and less leakage through the wick. Now I do have some current flow through the wick, but after a ~3 second button press I just start getting a little streamer of vapor.

So, to determine if your coil or wick is problematic, isolate the wick from negative and try firing your device.

Saw many different workarounds to this particular hotspot, but they all seemed like bandage solutions. This method helped me perfect my setup.

Maybe this is already common knowledge, if so then feel free to ignore haha.

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