IQOS Kit, a NEW arrival at Haze Smoke Shop of Vancouver BC online and retail stores.

What to know about IQOS Kit

If you are looking to stop smoking cigarette, then IQOS unit is your perfect companion. This unit features a stylish design and comes in two versions including the 3.0 and MULTI with re-use. 3.0 is available in a variety of colors and the most common one is gold. Here, it uses a separate holder and a charger that you insert from the side. The second version uses a heated tobacco unit called HEETS which is placed directly for continuous use of up to 10 sessions. This one features a more compact size compared to the first and consequently has a smaller battery. It only takes a shorter time to fully charge via the USB-C charging.

The heated tobacco unit features a plug meant for heating tobacco to lower temperatures of up to 350 degrees Celsius. It is placed on a holder which uses a heating blade that is electronically controlled to monitor the temperature in order to achieve the great tasting vapor. Heat is supplied to the tobacco unit through the heating blade for six minutes. The kit has a battery capacity of 2200 mAh and is extremely lightweight weighing approximately 2.88 ounces. This unit comes with a cleaning tool that not only cleans out the cigarettes, but it also prevents the formation of tar.

Specifications of IQOS Kit
Weight: 2.88 ounces
Size: 5.7 x 4 x 1.4 inches
Battery: 2200 mAh
Maximum charging time: 5 minutes
Maximum heating temperatures: 350 degrees Celsius