Let's talk about twisted Messes Cubed.

Twisted messes cubed give cloud chasers the opportunity to look cool while vaping, as its cubed shaped style oriented design is a real show stopper. There is no doubt that this device is more than just for show, as its two-post design, complete with four individual holes would give any other atomizers a run for its money. The dual design feature opens a lot of possibilities, as it is adaptable to coiling installations from more than one hole.

This device showcases a series of firsts, one its cubed design and the other airflow control discs. The discs can be adjusted easily, and comes with twelve different adaptable options which not only opens the flow to different airflows but gives the user the option to make a choice based on preference.

It would seem than flexibility is the go to word for this implement, as it comes with two O-rings which can be contoured to the cubed atomizer; on one hand there is the standard option and on the other there is the “beefy” option.

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