Get pal mini at $0.1

How to join:
• Share this pal mini page on your social media. Must @9 friends. Post text: I get pal mini at $0.1 on You can get it too. Blablabla…

• New users place any order on Buybest. No minimum order restriction.

• MUST leave a message of your shared URLs after ordering on Must put $0.1 pal mini and your other purchased items in one shopping cart (in one order). Don’t place 2 separate orders.

• Only buybest new users can join.

• 100 pal mini kits. First come, first get!

• Must place $0.1 pal mini and your other items Min one order. Don’t place 2 separate orders. Important!!!

• If you have won $0.1 pal mini in our last activity, you can’t get join this activity again. But welcome to share to ask your friends to join.

• If you don’t leave a MSG on buybest order, or you don’t mention nine friends, you’ll be disqualified. If you fail to get pal mini, we’d repay you 5 buybest points for your paid $0.1.

• We don’t charge pal mini delivery fee. But if your order is less than $20, you need to pay $3 delivery fee.

• Buybest reserve all the right for the final explanation. Some malicious users or spam accounts will be disqualified.

22nd - 31st, Jan, 2019(PST)

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