I am a graduate, who wants to take entrepreneurship as a career option, and my goal is to build an enterprise that could generate enough money for my comfortable life style. Since I am a graduate I have limited resources to start an enterprise, and that has certainly been my biggest hurdle. My buddy uses Juul, and does all sort of crazy stuff, I think it's cool. I liked the Idea of Juul, and since then searching on ways and means of developing new flavors, for my vape business. I usually spend a lot of time doing random search, and finally my efforts paid off, I found this e-juice wholesaler in Ontario, that promises to provide flavor development, label development, packaging and delivery services. Personally, I think itís cool, because now I could use this service to start experimenting on my flavors. But my buddy is not convinced, he warns me, that if I go ahead with it, I could lose my exclusivity and he further advised me to do flavor creation in house, but the problem is that, I do not have enough funds or resources to do product creation in-house. So guys, help me, what do you think is the best alternative, please provide me with your valuable opinion.